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Installing on a Network

Podware4 will work well on any Local Area Network on up to 25 computers. It works best on a wired network.
1. Make sure that all computers are connected to the network and switched on
2. Install 'Podware' first on the Server by saving your original downloaded installation file to the server and opening it. Podware4 will be installed in a folder named 'Podware4'. The pathway is C:\Podware4. 
Note: "Server" can be any computer. The Podware4 installation on the server must be backed up at least daily. 
3. Ensure that the 'Podware4'  folder on the Server is shared. You may need help from your network administrator for that. 
The Podware4 folder is in the C (local files) drive.
4. Install Podware4 on your client machines (one at a time) then open Podware4 and click Podware Settings, then click Connect to Data on Server:
  • When asked if you want to locate and reconnect the tables click 'Yes
  • When asked if you want to specify a different location click 'Yes
  • Browse your network to locate and select the file 'Tables' within the shared Podware4 folder on your main computer/ server 
  • click 'Open'. 
    Podware  will link the tables and display a message 'All tables were successfully reconnected" 
    When that has been done on all of the client computers you are ready to run Podware. 
    For networking your 'server' needs to be running Windows XP, Windows7 or Windows Server. Vista cannot be used as a server for Access Applications such as Podware. 
    Please do not try to run Podware using any method other than above as it may cause data corruption. Podware can also be accessed from remote computers and devices using most 'Remote Desktop' programs such as GoToMyPC.