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Moving Podware to Another Computer

Podware  can be moved to any other computer which has Access 2010 or later installed. If you need a copy of Access Runtime you can download it from
OK lets say you want to move Podware4 from your PC to your laptop.

  • Ensure that you have a copy of Access 2010 on your laptop 
  • Download and install a free copy of Podware4 from onto your laptop

    To move Podware: 
    1. Plug in your flash drive or USB external hard drive (or connect the two computers to your network)
    2. Copy the whole Podware4 folder, from the C drive of your old computer, onto a flash drive or external hard drive.
    3. Now connect your flash drive or removable drive to your new computer. 
    4. Copy and paste the Podware4 folder from the flash drive to the C drive of your new computer (say yes to replace files) 
    5. Open Podware4 using your desktop shortcut

    Podware  should be run only from your PC using the desktop shortcut. Running Podware directly from the flash drive may damage your Podware installation. 

    If you use Podware on two computers you should pay careful attention to the following:

    1. The method above does not synchronise data. It simply copies Podware (and therefore your patient data) from one computer to another. 
    2. Care should be taken not to overwrite new data with old. 
    3. If your computers are not networked use Podware on only one computer at a time. For example: Write records or treatments on computer 'A'. Now move Podware  (the whole Podware4 folder) to computer 'B'. If you enter data on computer 'B' then you must not forget to copy Podware back from computer 'B' to computer 'A' before entering data on 'A'. Otherwise you might lose any data written on 'A' since copying Podware  to 'B'. 
    When you move the Podware files from one computer to another via a flash drive the PC will recognise when files have different date stamps and will ask you if you want to replace existing files with ones that you are copying. It will show you the dates of the files so that you can compare them however it will not automatically overwrite old with new. 
    This is neccessary because, in the event of any data corruption in newer files, there can be occasions where you would need to overwrite new with old ('Old' being the back up data). 
    You cannot write data to two different PCs at the same time and then synchronise the data. You would need to write data on one PC, copy Podware to your USB flash drive, then copy from the USB flash drive to your other PC. 
    USB flash drives will work on all new PCs whatever the make. 
    When you save Podware to flash drive you are saving the whole programme but you need Access 2007 or Access 2007 runtime on both computers.