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Add a New  Patient

In the patient records screen:

  • Click 'Add New Patient'   

    When the new patient form opens fill in all the relevant fields.
    To fill in the 'Referral Source', 'Categories' and  'GPSurname' fields ; click the down arrow and make a selection by clicking one of the options. 
    You can edit the choices that appear in the drop down lists by double clicking them. Enter the relevant data in the form that appears then close the pop up form and click Records > Refresh in the toolbar at the top of the screen. 

    For example you can add a GP details to the drop down list in the GP Surname field by double clicking the GP Surname field.

    Many drop down lists in Podware can be edited . 

    To undo (delete) the data you have entered in a record; press Ctrl+Z.

    Click the close button on the bottom right of the New Patient form. This saves and closes the record.

    The patient record can now be viewed by clicking the 'Patient Records' button on the main menu or on the toolbar and searching for the patient.