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Podware Web App “How To” Videos

“I have used Podware 4 for over six years, after trying it out free at first. I find the system very good at meeting my needs. I can print off professional looking reports. Recently I needed to have my computer cleaned up and was quite apprehensive about losing my records. […]


Podware Anywhere can be used by several people in different locations, simultaneously.  The data is stored in secure Microsoft Office 365 servers and is backed up automatically. A constant broadband Internet connection is required. Podware stores the data on your own computer. It can be networked so that it can […]

The differences between Podware and Podware Anywhere

It depends on what kind of practice you have and how you work. We always advise that you try out Podware first to make sure it does what you want in terms of treatment, patient list, appointments, reminders etc. Patient data in the free trial, or licenced Podware can be migrated […]

What Should I get: Podware or Podware Anywhere?