The differences between Podware and Podware Anywhere

Podware Anywhere can be used by several people in different locations, simultaneously.  The data is stored in secure Microsoft Office 365 servers and is backed up automatically. A constant broadband Internet connection is required.

Podware stores the data on your own computer. It can be networked so that it can be used on two or more computers in the same building. No internet connection is required to run Podware. If you’re not happy to store your patient data in the cloud then Podware is the one for you. 

Software Features

Both look very similar and have the same capability. Both can send email or texts (requires text credits)

Both need Windows (on PC or MAC) but some features of Podware Anywhere (patient records, treatments, primary assessment and diary) can also be used on Tablets, iPad or any computer with a browser, without having to install anything.


Podware is free to use for up to 200 patients then it costs £189 to unlock the patient limit. This is a one off payment. There are no other running costs. Support via email is free. Some Online Support Services are free, some are chargeable. The £189 can be paid in 12 monthly installments of £16.50

Podware Anywhere costs from £18 per month subscription (1st month free). There are no charges for backups, support or any new versions