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Free to use for 200 patient records on Windows Tablets, Laptop & Desktop. No obligation. No set up fee. Works without internet.

Podware Anywhere

Access your patient records anywhere using the Podware app on your Windows tablet, laptop or desktop pc. Internet connection needed.

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“I have used Podware 4 for over six years, after trying it out free at first. I find the system very good at meeting my needs. I can print off professional looking reports.
Recently I needed to have my computer cleaned up and was quite apprehensive about losing my records.
No worry, the backup works a treat and the company was on hand to help restore everything for me.”
Séamus McNally, Mayo, Ireland

 ‘I have researched many software packages and found that Podiatry Software is the most accurate, yet simplistic package for use in the busy practice. Coupled with excellent system support, I fully recommend this system to my colleagues.’
Damian Murray, Cardiff

 ‘Podiatry Software is so fast and easy to use, it helps me track patients treatments and fees accurately and quickly, I couldn’t do without it now.’
Robert Shaw, Marchmont Road Podiatry Practice, Ayr, Scotland

 ‘Many thanks to Podiatry The user friendly service and software is great. You win hands down on prices and support. The installation was a most enjoyable experience’
Chris Rollins, Perth,Australia

 ‘I’d recommend this software to anyone. It’s quick, easy to use and my clinic is virtually paperless.
Alan Thomson, Stewarton, Scotland

‘ customised my existing Access database so it now does exactly what I want. I had been looking at other software systems and nearly spent a lot more money on something that would not have fitted so well to my practice.’
Dean Walsh, Birmingham UK have done a fantastic job in producing our site at very short notice. The site and the forum have given us the ‘window to the world’ that we really needed. Many thanks to John McCall for all his efforts in maintaining and running the site over the last few years.
FDUK (Foot in diabetes UK)

The differences between Podware and Podware Anywhere

Podware Anywhere can be used by several people in different locations, simultaneously.  The data is stored in secure Microsoft Office 365 servers in the UK and is backed up automatically. A constant and good broadband Internet connection is required.

Podware stores the data on your own computer. It can be networked so that it can be used on two or more computers in the same building. No internet connection is required to run Podware. If you’re not happy to store your patient data in the cloud then Podware is the one for you. 

Software Features

Both look very similar and have much the same capability. Both can send email or texts (requires text credits)

Both need Windows  7 or later (on PC or MAC)  


Podware is free to use for up to 200 patients then it costs a one off payment £189 or 12 monthly instalments of £16.50 to unlock the patient limit. There are no other running costs. Support via email is free. Some Online Support Services are free, some are chargeable. 

Podware Anywhere costs from £17.99 per month subscription (1st month free). There are no charges for backups, support or any new versions. 

What Should I get: Podware or Podware Anywhere?

It depends on what kind of practice you have and how you work.

Try the free Podware  to make sure it does what you want in terms of treatment, patient list, appointments, reminders etc.

Patient data in Podware can be migrated to Podware Anywhere at any time. Podware Anywhere is basically the same as Podware but the data is stored in the cloud instead of on your computer so that Podware can be accessed wherever you have a computer, laptop or tablet.

The examples below may help you to decide what you need for your practice. Contact us to hear more ways that you can use Podware to suit how you work:

Examples of situations where Podware is a good choice:

1. Bob’s practice

Bob works in clinics in two towns and does occasional home visits.

He’s the only podiatrist, has no receptionist and makes all the appointments himself.

He uses a windows tablet (with Podware installed) which he takes with him to the clinics and on home visits.

He saves the Podware backups to Google drive on his tablet.


2. Dave’s practice

Is very similar to Bob’s only he has Podware on a PC at home where his wife acts as his receptionist arranging appointments. Dave uses an iPad or a small laptop which don’t have Podware installed. Instead he uses a remote control program (eg Teamviewer or AnyDesk) to access Podware on the home PC so he can see appointments and write up treatments etc. His backups are saved to Dropbox which keeps a copy in the cloud for him.


3. Elaine’s practice

is a three clinic practice in one building in a large town. She has Podware networked across three computers for her use and for the two podiatrists and receptionist who she employs . She can also access the practice computers from home using remote control software (eg AnyDesk or Team viewer) so that she can keep in touch with what’s happening at the practice when she is not there. Backups are saved to a USB drive which Elaine or her receptionist takes home at the end of the day.


Examples of situations where Podware Anywhere is a good choice:


1. Andrew’s practice

Andrew has two practices in separate towns. He has two podiatrists who work in both practices. He uses Podware Anywhere installed on one computer in practice “a”,  2 computers in practice “b” and on his laptop which he can take wherever he is going . He tethers his laptop to his smartphone to get internet access when he is on the move. Backups are automatically done.


2. Molly’s practice

Molly is a lone practitioner working in her own practice in Sydney and in several GP practices around the city. She has Podware Anywhere installed on the computers that she uses in her own practice and in the GP clinics. She also has Podware Anywhere installed on her laptop at home so she can access the diaries and the patient records at home. The receptionists at the GP practices have access to Podware Anywhere on their computers to make appointments for Molly’s patients. Again backups are automatic.

Nothing to pay, no obligation

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200 Patient limit

Electronic patient record

Network on LAN

Free support via email

Or 12 instalments of £16.50 per month

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Lifetime licence

Electronic patient record

Network on LAN

Free support via email

From £17.99
per month

100% Free support

Automatic Backups

Use anywhere

Microsoft Cloud Security

Free Upgrades