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IMPORTANT: reading the installation instructions and system requirements saves you time and makes it easier

Installation InstructionsSystem Requirements

Use Podware on any Windows computer (PC, laptop, netbook or windows tablet)

Download PodwareIt’s FREE for up to 200 patients. Use it on your MAC if you have Parallels and Windows.
To open Podware you’ll need a login:
UserID = admin
Password = pass (change this in the Manage Users page)
This is the full working desktop version.
Install it on up to three computers, network it.
All licence free and with no time limit, you only need to buy a licence if you want to add more than 200 patients
 Networking Instructions

See also: Podware Anywhere


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We use email for most communications:
It’s free and a fuller response can be given via email. The email trail helps us to keep on top of communications.
If you don’t get an automated confirmation email within a few minutes of using the form below, please make sure you have entered your correct email address and try again.

Or try us on 0131 208 1312
We’re usually busy answering emails or chats so if we don’t answer please leave a voice message.

Need assistance?

If you’ve been speaking with us and need our help online to install, use or fix Podware, then we can use remote access software to allow us to work on your computer.

We also offer remote technical support for computers and networks. Charges start at £9.99 per 15 minutes or part thereof. For more info just contact us.

We can remotely connect to your computer (with your permission) and be better placed to resolve your query and save you time. Is this safe?

  1. Click here to download AnyDesk
  2. Save, then open the AnyDesk.exe file (run as administrator)
  3. When AnyDesk opens click the link on AnyDesk to Install AnyDesk as per the full installation instructions
  4. Once Installed click the link on AnyDesk to Set a Password for Unattended Access
  5. Send us your AnyDesk address and password
  6. Email us to suggest some times when we can connect to your computer
  7. Make sure that your computer is switched on and connected to the internet, the AnyDesk window is open in the foreground, your computer Power Options are set to “Always On”, screensaver is off and your laptop is connected to the charger.
  8. Choose and pay for the service you require as below. For the free services just email to let us know what you need.

Online Support Services for Podware

Help you get set up and started with Podware FREE  contact us
Install Podware for you on your computer FREE!  contact us
Move Podware to another computer £29
Install Podware On your Network (includes installing on more computers) £39
Restore Podware from your backup (disaster recovery) £45
Set up your local network £35

Choose a Paid Service

How to Recover Podware

In event of hard drive crash or operating system failure we can restore Podware onto a new or old computer for you: click here for more info You’ll need a backup of Podware. Either a copy of the Podware folder from your hard drive or a Podware backup OR Data […]

Podware “How To” Videos

Add a New Patient Text Messaging Edit Drop Down Lists


“I have used Podware 4 for over six years, after trying it out free at first. I find the system very good at meeting my needs. I can print off professional looking reports. Recently I needed to have my computer cleaned up and was quite apprehensive about losing my records. […]

The differences between Podware and Podware Anywhere

Podware Anywhere can be used by several people in different locations, simultaneously.  The data is stored in secure Microsoft Office 365 servers in the UK and is backed up automatically. A constant and good broadband Internet connection is required. Podware stores the data on your own computer. It can be […]

What Should I get: Podware or Podware Anywhere?

It depends on what kind of practice you have and how you work. Try the free Podware  to make sure it does what you want in terms of treatment, patient list, appointments, reminders etc. Patient data in Podware can be migrated to Podware Anywhere at any time. Podware Anywhere is basically […]