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Backup Podware 


Here are some ways to back up Podware:

  1. Using a backup program specify the folder C:\Podware as a folder to be backed up. The destination folder should be an external drive such as a USB stick or drive. Choose an incremental backup if your backup program allows it
  2. Manually copy the whole Podware folder from your C drive to an external drive as above or to a could drive. 
  3. Use the Back Up tab in Podware. To take a backup of the Podware data go to the Home tab and click "Back up" . Follow the dialog box that appears.  This should be done daily.

IMPORTANT: files that are linked to Podware also need to be backed up. Please use your usual backup routine for that. There are various backup tools within Windows and free backup/synchrinisation tools are available from Microsoft and other software vendors.

See also - Restore Podware from Backup

Manual Backup of Podware


Attach a usb drive, memory stick or external drive to your computer

Go to Start > Computer > Local Disk (C:)

Right click the Podware folder

Click "send to" and choose your memory stick or other drive.

This will copy the whole Podware folder and all of its contents to the memory stick or drive. Say yes if it asks if you want to replace existing files.

To check that is has copied across properly: open the Podware folder on your external device and check the "modified date" on the Tables file. It should match the Modified Date on the original in your computer (in the Podware folder)


It takes a few more  more clicks but uses less space on your drive:

Go to Start > Computer > Local Disk (C:)

Right click the Podware folder 

Choose Send To compressed (zipped) folder

You'll see a message "Windows cannot create a compressed (zipped) folder here. do you want it to be placed on the desktop instead".

Click 'yes' - it may ask if you want to replace the one that already exists. Replace it.

Copy the newly created compressed file from the desktop to whatever medium you want (Memory stick, external drive, or online drives such as Google drive, One Drive, DropBox ect)

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