"Could not find the file C:\\Podware\\Tables.accdb"  - or similar message

This is not a Podware fault but is usually a computer or network fault.

Reasons for this message or similar messages:

1. The Tables file has been deleted or moved.

Solution: Restore the file from your most recent backup

2. Podware can't find and connect to the Tables file (Networked Podware only)


  • Make sure your computer and the main computer are switched on and both computers connected to the network. If that doesn't help then try each step below before trying Podware again.
  • Are the Network settings correct on both computers? (Sometimes Windows Updates reset to the default settings)
  • Are the Sharing Settings for the Podware folder on the Podware Server correct

3. The Tables locking file is still open after Podware is closed.


  • Go to the Podware folder where the Tables file is stored. This may be on your computer or may be on another computer (main computer/server) if your Podware is networked.
  • Look for the file named Tables. If there are two files named Tables then BE CAREFUL to delete only the Tables file that is 1kb or less in size. It is a Microsoft Access Record Locking Information file if you hover the mouse over the file it should show what type of file it is. Take care not to delete the Tables file which is at least 3mb in size.

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