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Edit Drop Down Lists


The following drop-down lists lists can all be edited so that you can customise the choices that you see when you click the down-arrow in a field:


Fee Structure

Referral Sources

Patient Categories

Orthotics Types

Orthotics Materials


How to edit a drop down list:


Click the drop down arrow at the right side of a field to see the list of choices (just as if you were about to choose an item from the list)

For example in the pic below we're looking at the list of items available for the Appt Reason field:

To edit the list click the Edit List items icon.

The following (or similar) will appear:

Appointment reasons can be added, changed or deleted from the form shown above.

Appointment reasons that are being used in the diary in future appointments should not be removed or edited because it will change or delete the Appt Reason in the diary too.


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