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Bulk emails for marketing or communication should not be sent from Podware  in Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo etc.
Most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) limit the number of emails you can send per day to 300. Some limits are smaller numbers.

Bulk emails and texts must be sent via a service provider who can handle bulk texts and emails.

Instructions for Podware V6.2 and earlier

Install an email client/app  such as Thunderbird or eMClient -both are free.
Set your default email to whichever client you have chosen.

Mails sent from Podware will appear in your sent box.

Podware 6.3 and later versions

To enable email sending enter your email account details in Podware.

Go to Podware Settings > Email Settings

Enter your email settings in the screen that appears - as below but use your own email account details.

Get help with each field by pressing the little question marks.

Your email provider can supply the correct SMTP server settings. Or simply look them up online eg "SMTP settings for Yahoo".

The user name is usually your email address that you use for business.

The password is the one you use to login to or set up your email.

Contact us if you need help with settingnup email sending from Podware.

In your Email account allow less secure app access

If you use some webmail providers such as Gmail or Yahoo then you may need to adjust the settings in your email to allow Podware to send emails on your behalf.
That can be different depending on what email provider you use.

For example when signed in to Google open your Google Account (top right - your icon) >

Got to Manage your Google Account > Security > less Secure app access

Switch less secure app access to  'On' so that Podware can access your GMail account and send emails from it.

Additional Email Settings

These are settings that you can edit to suit how you want the email to look when you send an invoice or a receipt to a patient.

They do not affect the ability of Podware to send emails.

All of the fields can be edited.

Once set up test it out using a sample patient with your business email in their record.
Sent emails will appear in the Sent box of your Email client or webmail.

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