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To see the Finance Menu go to the right menu bar and click the System tab, then click Finance

The Finance module is an accounts package that collates all paid fees as income, collates all practice expenses as expenditure and calculates the balance for easy end of year accounting.


Fees are entered in the patient record in 'real time' in the Accounts section within the PAtient Record

Expenditure on supplies, purchases, wages and practice running costs can all be entered in the expenditure form.

A selection of financial reports are available to be run using any time period that you choose.

The 'Accounts' are used to group income and expenditure logically.

'Account Types' are used to group accounts into expenditure, income, liabilities, loans and any other groupings you wish to add to the system. 


Fee Structure


In the main menu click 'Finance' then click 'Fee Structure' 

Or in the Patient record click the fees tab then double click on any 'Fee' field. 


The fee structure form allows you to specify treatments/products and their cost. 

Whatever you edit or add to this list will appear in the 'drop down box' in the Description field  of the Enter Fees screen accessible from the Accounts section in the patient record . 


You can edit any part of the Fee Structure list by selecting and typing over existing text.

A record can be deleted by right clicking the record selector and choosing 'cut' 

The record selector is the grey box just to the left of the treatment description.







The fee(s) due from the patient should be entered into the account section of the patient record by the clinician or a receptionist immediately after the patient has been treated. 

Once the required fee has been entered you can choose to ask for payment immediately or to send an invoice to the client. 

Podware allows for payment in part or in full. The system will work out any amount still due.



Fees due from contractural work: 


Invoices can be produced for Nursing Homes, Health Service contracts etc by creating a 'patient record' for the institute involved, then fill the appropriate items in the accounts section of the 'patient record'.


Expenditure Entry


The Expenditure Entry does as it says. Use it to log any money spent. 

The 'Account' field is used to help you track where money is being spent eg supplies, utilities rent etc.

The financial reports use the Account field to calculate and group expenditure under headings (eg Postage, Supplies, Electricity etc.).  

The accounts drop down list can be edited by double clicking the Accounts field. You can name the accounts to suit your way of working.


Financial Reports


All of the financial reports require you to enter date parameters for the period of time you wish to know about.

When you click the report title to run a report this box appears:



Date entry is made easy by using a date selector which appears if you click the white space in the date field.


The following reports are available. We can also provide custom built reports if you need them.


Analysis of fees


This groups treatment types and shows the total ammount taken for each type. 

Useful to see which treatments actually earn the most money!


Receivables aging


Shows a complete list of patient unpaid accounts and how long ago they became due. 

Double click the patient name to take you direct to the patient record to check the patient's account and print a new invoice/reminder.


Income and Expenditure Report


Shows a break down of income, receivables (unpaid accounts) and expenditure for each account eg: Fees taken, Petty cash, Supplies etc. 

Can be run for any period of time that you choose.


Expenditure Listing Report


Shows a complete list of every expenditure grouped by account and with a total  for the time period chosen.

Useful for checking that every expenditure has been recorded.


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