How to use Podware on any device without installing

Use remote access software such as Teamviewer or AnyDesk to access Podware on your PC at your clinic via your iPad, Kindle Fire, Tablet or any device connected to the internet.

How to do that:

Go to or and sign up for a free account.


Install AnyDesk on your clinic computer. Leave your computer switched on and connected to the internet (use the Always On power option).

Install AnyDesk on your iPad or other device (Tablet, Phone etc). Follow the easy AnyDesk instructions. The iPad needs to remain connected to the web.

How many people can connect to Podware this way?

One person at a time can connect to any one PC

As many people that you allow can connect to as many PCs as you have in the clinic if they are networked, connected to the internet and switched on. You don’t need Podware installed on your  iPad or tablet – you simply use AnyDesk (or other remote control software) to  connect to the Podware on your clinic or home computer.

Top Tip if you are out and about: ‘Tethering‘ your smart phone to your Laptop, Netbook or tablet will give you internet access on your device.

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