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Make an Appointment



See also Diary Set Up


To open the Appointments screen


In Podware click the System tab then click Appointments


The appointment screen can be viewed as one day or five days


Select a Date


Use the Date Selector (on the right) to choose the date for the appointment. 


Select a Time


Use the blank 'new record' at the bottom of the appointments list.

Time can be typed in this format: 09.30 or entered by setecting one of the pre-defined times in the drop down list or by entering the time in this format; 09.45

The drop down list of times can be edited (In the main menu click 'This Practice Options' then click 'Edit Time Slots' When you've finished editing close the 'EditTime Slots' form and return to the appointments screen. Click 'Records', then click 'Refresh'


Select a Patient


Click the down arrow to see a list of patients. To search for a patient; enter the first few letters of the patient's surname then select the patient. The patient's details will appear in the 'Details' field.


The appointment record will be saved when the diary is closed or when another record is created or edited. Alternatively click ''Records' then click 'Refresh



Delete an Appointment


Select the appointment record by clicking the record selector (small grey box) to the left of the 'Time' field; press the delete button on your keyboard.

A confirmation message will appear asking if you really do want to delete the record of the appointment.


To view the patient record from the Appointments screen 


Simply double click the appropriate 'Details' field in the Appointments Screen. The Patient Records screen will open. 

When this screen has been opened in this way you will be able to see the patient who's name you have clicked in the Diary.

If you want to search for another patient in the Patient Secords screen simply click the 'Refresh' button then use the search field.

See View a Patient's Record

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