Moving Podware to Another Computer

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Moving Podware to Another Computer


We can move Podware for you: click here for more info

Or do it yourself by carefully following the instructions below:

OK lets say you want to move Podware from your PC to your laptop.


Move the Podware files from your old computer:

Make sure Podware is closed

1. Plug in your flash drive or USB external hard drive to your old computer.
2. Navigate to the Podware folder on your computer
3. Copy the two files "Podware6" and "Tables6" from the Podware folder and paste them to your USB (say yes to replace files).
    Please note that the number at the end of the file name may be 4 or 5 instead of 6 - depending on your Podware version.
3. Now connect your USB drive to your new computer.
4. Copy the two files "Podware6" and "Tables6" from your USB  and paste them to the Podware folder (say yes to replace files).
5. Open Podware using your desktop shortcut

Podware  should be run only from your PC using the desktop shortcut. Running Podware directly from the flash drive may damage your Podware installation.

Now Link the Tables

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