Error messages containing "ODBC" indicate that Podware Anywhere is functioning properly but can’t connect to the data in the cloud due to a WiFi or internet problem of some kind. This applies only to Podware Anywhere.

First try a simple test: try Podware Anywhere  on a computer or laptop that us either wired to the router or placed a couple of metres from the WiFi router.  Then login and search for and select a patient. The patient details should fill in about 3 seconds

If that fails and shows an error message containing "ODBC" then go to the next steps:

  1. Check your internet is on and your computer is connected to the internet
  2. Reboot your Broadband/WiFi router.
  3. Fix any signal interference. Have a look at this page: Common causes of wifi interference
  4. Do an internet speed test to ensure your broadband connection is up to scratch. Test every computer that uses Podware. Minimum Requirements for a Podware Anywhere connection are:
    Download speed: 2mbps
    Upload speed: 0.5mbps
    Ping Latency a maximum of 70 ms
  5. Test Podware using a different internet connection eg phone tethering, MiFi or home internet connection. Don't use a public WiFi.
  6. If nothing helps then email us with details of the error message(s) you are getting. We’ll need the exact details. The easiest way to send us the details of any errors is to take a snippet (use the snipping tool in Windows) of the error message, save it as a jpg and attach it to an email.

If Podware works fine when it is on a "wired" connection (or when it's close to the WiFi router) but is struggling on computers in other rooms then here are some ways to try to improve your WiFi network:

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