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Recall System



There are several ways to recall patients. The two main ones are:


a) Check Up Due?: 


In the Recall System screen clicking the Check Up Due button will show a list of patients who have had no treatment/ letter record for a year or more. Beside the list are buttons to press if you wish to send letters to the patients.


b) Recall Due? 


The system looks at the Recall Date in the patient's record. This (future) date is one that you will have set when you last saw the patient in anticipation of when you feel you would want to recall the patient. 


Some practitioners like to ask the patient if they would like to get a reminder of when treatment or a check up is becoming due (works well for patients who don't want to make an appointment there and then but will probably need treatment in the next couple of months or so). 

Pressing the 'See Patient List' button will show a list of patients who's recall date falls between whatever dates you enter in the Recall Due date fields.


There are also recall systems for orthotics and diabetes. They are very similar to the two described above.

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