In event of hard drive crash or operating system failure we can restore Podware onto a new or old computer for you: click here for more info

You’ll need a backup of Podware. Either a copy of the Podware folder from your hard drive or a Podware backup OR Data backup created using the Backup tabs within Podware.

Or do it yourself by carefully following the instructions below:

OK lets say you have a recent Podware Backup on an external drive, cloud drive or usb stick:


Download Podware6x

Once installed make sure Podware opens properly. Close Podware before the next steps

Move the Podware files from your backup: 

  1.  Copy and paste the Podware4 folder (for Podware5/6 it’s the Podware folder) from the backup drive to the C drive of your new computer (say yes to replace files)
  2. Open Podware using your desktop shortcut
  3. If you have a data backup then restore it using the restore facility in the Data Backup within Podware. The data backup is in a file named something like this: “Tables5.a_29-03-2017-03-28PMccdb”  This part of the file name contains the exact date and time when the data backup was made: “29-03-2017-03-28PM” so if you have lots of data backups from different dates you can choose the most recent one.
    If the restore isn’t working properly then you can rename the data backup to a usable state by removing the date and time to look like this: Tables.accdb or Tables5 or Tables6 depending on your version
    Once renamed copy the file to your Podware folder – replacing the existing Tables.accdb file.

Now Link the Tables

  1. Start Podware
  2. Go to the top menu bar
  3. Click Podware Settings
  4. Click connect to Data Tables
  5. If asked “Do you want to reconnect Podware tables?” Yes
  6. If asked “Do you want to specify a different location” click ‘Yes
  7. If asked if the file is passworded say “yes”and use the password we’ve sent in an email
  8. A browser will appear. Go to Local Disk (C:)  > Podware4 *  (For Podware5 or 6 navigate to the Podware folder)
  9. Select the Tables file (Tables5 if your on Podware5)
  10. Click ‘Open‘.or ‘Save‘ depending on what shows in the dialog box

Podware will link the tables and open either the Main Menu or the Patients records screen.

* if you are using Podware4 on a network then at step 7 use the browser to navigate via your network to the Podware4 folder on your main computer or server. For Podware5 navigate to the Podware folder and choose “Tables5”

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