Send Appointment reminders

Email reminders

Emailing from Podware requires an email client (e.g. Thunderbird, Outlook, eMclient) installed on your computer

Text reminders


Your account details to be correctly entered in the SMS Account screen and enough SMS credits with Esendex

The patient’s mobile phone number to be entered accurately and  in the Mobile Phone field in the patient record. 

How to send appointment reminders

In the calendar:

  • Go to any date in the calendar
  • Click the Send Text Reminders or Send Email Reminders Button 
  • For text reminders use either button as below

  • Podware will automatically tick the ‘reminder sent’ box for that patient in the diary.


 are no patients for that day who have a correctly entered mobile phone number OR the reminder sent box it already ticked

To send an appointment reminder again untick the “reminder sent”If you get any errors don’t contact Esendex until you’ve contacted us first. 

The “No current record” error means that there box

An error like the one below usually means what it says i.e. the phone number is not correct "Invalid recipient" or for some reason the text can't be sent to the number as part of a batch.

Please Note

When the Send Text/Send Email Reminders button is clicked it will send a reminder(s) immediately for the diary day that is displayed on the screen. 

To send reminders for tomorrow, go to tomorrow’s date in the diary.
Go to any date in the diary and reminders will be sent immediately for that date when the Send… button is pressed. 

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