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Diary Set  Up


Diary Set Up allows you to apply a template of pre-determined times to a day in the Appointments screen so that you can have a list of appointment times ready to accept patients.


In the One Day Diary Screen there are three buttons:



Clicking 'Apply Template to current date and clinic' will insert a list of pre specified appointment times into the data and clinic in the Diary. 


Click 'View/Change Template' to see a template of appointment times. 

These times can be adjusted to suit your preferences. 

Time slots can be blocked off by simply typing something (eg lunch, breaks, meetings etc) in the 'details' field


Once you have adjusted the Diary Template, save it by closing it.


To undo the template for any day  go to the relevant day in the Appointments screen and then click 'Delete all appt slots for day and clinic'

Be careful not to delete any appointments that have been filled!



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