The Tables#.accdb file needs to be repaired (# represents the version number).


  • Close Podware (on all computers)
  • Open Microsoft Access (this solution only applies if you have a full version of Microsoft Access)
  • Open the Tables file by going to: Open other files > Browse > C:\Podware
    Select the Tables# file and open it.
  • At this point Access may show a message saying the database is damaged and it will attempt to recover/repair it.
    Click ok and if the recovery is successful, close the Tables file.

Otherwise go to File > Compact and repair database.
Once that's done close the Tables file and then open Podware

Don't have a full copy of Access? Repair didn't work?
Contact us and let us know that you need us to repair the file. We'll reply with details of how to send the file to our secure DropBox for us to fix and send back to you.

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