Unrecognised database format error

Common Reasons

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1. The Microsoft Record Locking file is still open after Podware has been closed

2. Network problem - Podware one one computer can't see the Tables file on the main computer where the Tables file is kept.

3. The Tables  file needs to be repaired  Try this if 1 & 2 don't help

Is the Record Locking file "stuck" open?

  1. Switch off Podware on all computers
  2. Go to:

File Explorer

This PC

Windows (C:)


  1. You should see something like this

  1. If Tables6.lacdb is present then delete it. If deletion fails then go back to step 1
  2. Double click Tables6.accdb to open it. 
  3. Click ok to the message that appears - it should say something about repairing the database. 
  4. If another message appear click OK
  5. Close the file (top right "X")
  6. Start Podware - it should be ok now. 

Network problem

First check that the main computer is switched on and both computers are connected to the network.

If not then rectify both using our Networking Instructions

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