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Autorecord allows 'one click' entry of standard words and phrases that are often used when writing up patient treatment notes. This facilitates fast and efficient entry of the patient's treatment details.


To use this feature simply click the  'Autorecord' button in the patient  treatment screen


Autorecord uses the S.O.A.P. format to record an epsode ie:


  • Subjective symptoms (complaining of)
  • Objective Symptoms  (on examination)
  • Action
  • Plan


These all correspond to buttons at the top of the form. When any of these is clicked the appropriate text is added to the screen and the array of available words and phrases changes to suit.


Adding More Text Items


Click the items you want to write in the patient's notes. 


Deleting Items


Clicking 'Undo last item' will remove an item if it is added by mistake. 

Text can also be deleted by using the mouse to highlight the text, then press the 'delete' button on your keyboard, or press Ctrl+X.


Add to notes


When this button is clicked the text you have created in the notes field will be added to the treatment form. The text will overwrite any existing text in the treatment form. However text can still be edited within the treatment form.


How to edit the words and phrases available in Autorecord



If you wish to change any of the pre written text in the 'Autorecord' software you can edit the Autorecord window by going to the Main Menu and click: 'Options and Settings' then 'Edit Autorecord'. This will open an editable version of Autorecord. When any text item in Autorecord is clicked a table will appear with all the text items in that list. This can be edited just like any table. 


Click any list in Autorecord and you should see the "Edit List items" at the bottom of the list e.g.

Click it to edit the items in the list.


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