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Using the Foot Diagram (not available in Podware Anywhere)


The foot diagram requires Microsoft Paint (usually installed automatically with Windows)

Podware allows only one foot diagram per patient.


How to add a foot diagram 


In the New Patient Screen or the Edit Patient Screen:


  • Click the Add Diagram Button
  • The link 'Diagram Of Feet' will appear below the Add Diagram button.
  • To view the diagram click the link.


The diagram can be edited using the various tools within Microsoft Paint. These appear at the left side of the screen when the diagram is opened.

For more help with 'Paint' use the help files click Help at the top of the screen. 


You can replace the default foot diagram with any foot diagram provided it is in 16 colour or monochrome .bmp format.




You need  'Paint' installed on your computer otherwise the diagrams won't work . 

Also 'Paint' needs to be associated with .bmp files. 

On most computers using Windows 'Paint' will be installed anyway and it will be associated properly. 

However paint is not always installed automatically. 


To Check if Paint is installed:


Click: Start > All Programs > Accessories, you should be able to see 'Paint' listed. 


If not you can install it  


Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > Add or remove Windows Components. 

Look for and choose 'Paint'. 


You may need your windows installation disc (you can also download 'Paint' free on the internet).


If paint is already installed you need to go to the 'Drawings' folder (in the Podware pro folder)  rt click the Foot.bmp file, click Properties, click the General tab, click 'Change', set the 'Opens With' property to 'Paint'


If your diagrams are still opening in another program then the program should have some properties somewhere that will stop that.

Try opening picture manager, or whatever your diagrams are opening with, and looking in the menus at the top of the

screen. Look for 'File Associations' or something similar,and uncheck

'Bitmaps' or '.bmp'



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