Using Podware on more than one computer

This can be done in any of the following ways:

1. Network your computers over a local area network (LAN)*

See the instructions below (down the page) to install and connect Podware.

Works well with computers in the same building and connected to the same LAN

2. Use remote control software to access Podware from another device.

More info see the knowledge base article on remote control access. This works well anywhere there is an internet connection but you are sharing the clinic computer with your colleague.

3. Podware on two computers using USB stick to store the data…click to see more

Good for using on two computers if you  don’t need two people using  Podware at the same time.

4. Upgrade to Podware Anywhere and use Podware on the laptops at any locations anywhere in the world. Requires an internet connection.

There is a monthly subscription cost per month (allows use by two or more people) free for the first month and no tie in.

* Network (connect) Podware over a Local Area Network. This example assumes that you have been using Podware on one computer only, but now want to network Podware  on two computers that are already connected on a local area network (LAN).

Follow these instructions carefully:

1. Install the free Podware from the website onto the second laptop. Once installed close Podware

3. Go to your first computer (this is the one with all your patient data). Copy the Podware folder and paste it to your C drive in the second computer (overwriting the Podware folder and all of its contents

4. On your second computer open Podware and connect the tables (ignore any warning messages): go to Podware Settings > connect to data on server

Use the browser that pops up to find, and open, the Tables file in the Podware folder on your first computer

This will connect Podware on computer 2 to the patient data on computer 1.

If asked if the database is passworded then email us for the data password (this is different to your login password)

It will work on a wireless connection but is more reliable on a wired connection.

There are more instructions for networking that will help anyone setting up your network. See the article on how to Network Podware

Need Help?  We can use remote control software to help you install Podware and make sure it is running properly on your computer or on a local network once the network is set up.

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