View a Patient Record

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View a Patient  Record


How to find /view a patient record:


When Podware opens the Patient Record Page will appear.

To search for a patient's record click the down arrow on the 'Select a Patient' field and start typing the first few letters of the patient surname. This will search for the patient by surname as below:



Typing the first few letters of the patient's surname in the search field will take you quickly to a patient.

Select the patient by clicking the name and the patients details will appear in the Patient Record Card

To search using any field go to Main Menu > Patient Search

Click on the search field and type in whatever you are searching for. Click the magnifier.

This search field can  use any one of these: First name, Last name, Date of birth, first line of address, Postcode or Home Phone.



Using the Diary to view a patient record


Double clicking the patient's details in the diary will open the patient's record.

Use the Search Tool

It may appear different depending on the version.

When opened it looks like this:

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