View a Patient Record

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View a Patient  Record


How to find /view a patient record:


When Podware opens the Patient Record Page will appear.

To search for a patient's record click the down arrow on the 'Select a Patient' field and start typing the first few letters of the patient surname. This will search for the patient by surname as below:



Typing the first few letters of the patient's surname in the search field will take you quickly to a patient.

Select the patient by clicking the name and the patients details will appear in the Patient Record Card

To search using any field go to Main Menu > Patient Search

Click on the search field and type in whatever you are searching for. Click the magnifier.

This search field can  use any one of these: First name, Last name, Date of birth, first line of address, Postcode or Home Phone.



Using the Diary to view a patient record


Double clicking the patient's details in the diary will open the patient's record.

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