Write an Appointment Letter

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Write an Appointment Letter


In the Patient Record Card:


  • Click  Letters
  • Click Create Letter
  • Select  Letter Type: Appointment Letter


The Appointment Letter Screen will appear


> In the Appointment field use the drop down arrow to select the pre-made appointment. If you are not using the appointment diary in Podare Pro then just type in the appointment day, date and time.


  • Select a clinician
  • Click Preview Letter to see how the letter will appear when it is printed. (This step can be omitted).
  • Click Print Letter

A record of the text and date of the letter is saved within the treatments & letters screen.


Editing the text of letters


Some of the letters within Podware Pro can be edited. Click Edit Text Of Letter 

A screen appears with four fields all containing a paragraph of text. 

The first field contains the current text. The next three contain samples of text that can be used instead.

All of the fields can be edited.

After editing click Choose This  Text. The paragraph that appears in the top most field is the one that will be used in the letter.

When you have finished editing the text, close the form and your changes will be automatically saved.




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