AnyDesk Security Statement

Remote access software is very secure but is only as safe as the people using it.

We will never ‘cold call’ you and ask you to install any kind of remote control software. (like AnyDesk, Teamviewer, LogMeIn etc)
We will usually ask you to phone us or email us with your AnyDesk details and we will only ever ask for them if you have already contacted us for assistance by phone or email.

Never give your remote access details to anyone if you are not sure who they are.

What do we do with your AnyDesk login and password details when we no longer need them?

Your details are never shared with anyone else.
The remote access address and Password that you have given us remains on our system while we are assisting you. The details are automatically deleted from our system after 7 days of inactivity.

Our Privacy Promise

Our staff are trained and updated regularly on data protection and security.

While we are accessing your computer we will not intentionally access, copy or adjust any files that are not part of the Podware Installation and file system.

If we gain sight of open files containing any of your personal or business data we promise never to share any such information with anyone except where we are legally required to do so.

Please be assured that our only interest is to ensure that our software products are working well for you and your business.