Can I Upgrade from Podware to Podware Anywhere?

Yes. If you start with Podware (the desktop version) you can change to Podware Anywhere at any time and your patient data will be transferred to Podware Anywhere.

How do I move to Podware Anywhere?

  1. Start a subscription to Podware Anywhere.
  2. Agree a time when it is mutually suitable for us to migrate your data to Podware Anywhere. It takes up to 2 days depending on what version you already have so please choose a time when you don’t need to use Podware (weekends are ok).
  3. Send us a copy of your Podware “Tables” file. For instructions contact us.
  4. We send an email with a link to the Podware Anywhere installation file.
  5. Install Podware Anywhere on any windows based computer, laptop or tablet where you want to use it.

If you need help with the installation then we can help using Remote Support