Database Design

Do you need a database solution tailor-made to solve your business data problems?
Are you struggling to find a database that works the way you want it to?

We specialise in using Microsoft Access to allow us to build powerful solutions quickly and cost effectively.

A custom database solution can be designed and built to meet your precise requirements. You can have a system that supports and enhances your business processes as you want them to be. You are not forced to compromise or adapt to meet the more rigid working patterns found in off-the-shelf software.

Our experts can create sophisticated yet simple computer systems for your business.

What about cost? The cost will vary depending on how complex your database will be, what functions that you need it to perform and how long it takes us to create it.

We aim to ensure that you get a solution that meets your requirements as closely as possible. As such we welcome changes to the design during the course of the development project and can work flexibly to accommodate your needs.

Cost Savings:

There are no licence costs. Once built the database is yours to have on as many computers as you like.