How to fix Errors

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ODBC connection errors

Error messages containing “ODBC” indicate that Podware Anywhere can’t connect to the data in the cloud due to a broadband connection problem of some kind. The applies only to Podware Anywhere.

Firstly try a simple test:   try Podware on a computer or laptop that us either wired to the router or placed as close as possible to the WiFi router. Leave it with the Patient records screen showing for about half an hour or so. The try searching for and selecting a patient. The patient details should fill in about 3 seconds

If that fails and shows an error message containgin “ODBC” then go to the next steps:

  1. Check your internet is on and your computer is connected to the internet.
  2. Do an internet speed test to ensure your broadband connection is up to scratch. Test every computer that uses Podware. Minimum Requirements for a Podware Anywhere connection are:
    Download speed:  2mbps
    Upload speed: 0.5mbps
    Ping Latency a maximum of 70 ms
  3. Reboot your Broadband/WiFi router.
  4. Fix any signal interference. Have a look at this page: Common causes of wifi interference
  5. If nothing helps then email us with details of the error message(s) you are getting. We’ll need the exact details. The easiest way to send us the details of any errors is to take a snippet (use the snipping tool in Windows) of the error message, save it as a jpg and attach it to an email.

If Podware works fine when it is on a “wired” connection (or when it’s close to the WiFi router) but is struggling on computers in other rooms then here are some ways to try to improve your WiFi network:

Could not find the file C:\Podware\Tables.accdb

This is not actually a Podware fault but usually a computer or network fault.

Reasons for this message or similar messages:
1. The Tables file has been deleted or moved.
Solution: Restore the file from your most recent backup

2. Podware can’t connect to the Tables file (Networked Podware only)

  • Make sure your computer and the main computer are switched on and both computers connected to the network.  If that doesn’t help then try each step below before trying Podware again.
  • Are the Network settings correct on both computers? (Sometimes Windows Updates reset to the default settings)
  • Are the Sharing Settings for the Podware folder on the Podware Server correct

3. The Tables locking file is still open after Podware is closed.

  • Go to the Podware folder where the Tables file is stored. This may be on your computer or may be on another computer (main computer/server) if your Podware is networked.
  • Look for the file named Tables. If there are two files named Tables then BE CAREFUL to delete only the Tables file that is 1kb or less in size. It is a Microsoft Access Record Locking Information file if you hover the mouse over the file it should show what type of file it is. Take care not to delete the Tables file which is at least 3mb in size.

...Podware/Tables.accdb is an unrecognised database format

Reason for the error message:

The Tables#.accdb file needs to be repaired (# represents the version number).


  • Close Podware (on all computers)
  • Open Microsoft Access (this solution only works if you have a full version of Microsoft Access)
  • Open the Tables file by going to: Open other files > Browse > C:\Podware
    Select the Tables# file and open it.
  • At this point Access may show a message saying the database is damaged and it will attempt to recover/repair it.
    Click ok and if the recovery is successful, close the Tables file.

Otherwise go to File > Compact and repair database.
Once that’s done close the Tables file and then open Podware

Don’t have a full copy of Access? Repair didn’t work?
Contact us and let us know that you need us to repair the file. We’ll reply with details of how to send the file to our secure DropBox for us to fix and send back to you.