Use Podware any device using remote conrol software

1. Install Podware on a Windows machine (eg PC, Laptop or MAC with Windows)

2. Switch Podware on and connect your computer to the internet

3. Install remote control software (eg AnyDesk or Teamviewer)on your Windows computer and on your other device (Android, iPad etc)

4. Connect your device via the internet to your computer using whatever remote control software you choose

Most remote control companies have a free version that you can use provided you’re not using it for commercial use. The free use on most will tolerate bing connected to a couple of computers but if you are connecting to many other computers they’ll ask you to pay for a licence. Currently we’ve tested AnyDesk ( and Teamviewer ( and both work just fine. Commercial use seems to come under consideration if you are using the connection as a direct means of making money eg if you are a company offering technical support via remote control to lots of customers.