How to install AnyDesk

We can use AnyDesk remote control software to connect to your computer and help you just as if we were sitting at your computer.
Click/tap on “AnyDesk” then download and install AnyDesk using the installation instructions below.

Installation Instructions:

When the download starts choose ‘Save File’.
When the download has finished open the AnyDesk.exe file as administrator (right click > Run as Administrator).
The file is safe so if you get any security warnings such as the pics below please allow access (it may be different on your machine)  and run the file:










After a few moments the dialog box below will appear. Your AnyDesk address will be different – usually a long number:













Choose the option to “Install AnyDesk on this computer” as above

If Windows asks you if you want to allow AnyDesk to make changes choose “Yes”
In the next screen click “Set up a password now”












This screen will appear: 

Set your password for unattended access; check all the options are as above and all the Standars Permissions are ticked as below:








Tap/click “Set” then tap “Close”

Send us your AnyDesk address and password in an email or text with your name and some words about what help is needed.

Please ensure that:

  • AnyDesk is running
  • Your computer is connected to the internet
  • Power Options are set to “Always On”
  • Skype is switched off
  • No screensaver is set to come on
  • If using a laptop plug it into the charger