Move Podware

We can move Podware for you for a small fee: click here for more info

If you are confident about copying, pasting and handling files and directories on a computer then do it yourself by carefully following the instructions below:

OK lets say you want to move Podware from your PC to your laptop.


Move the Podware files from your old computer:

1. Plug in your flash drive or USB external hard drive to your old computer.
2. Copy the whole Podware4 folder  (for Podware5 or 6 it’s the Podware folder) from the C drive of your old computer, onto a flash drive or external hard drive.
3. Now connect your flash drive or removable drive to your new computer.
4. Copy and paste the Podware4 folder (for Podware5  or 6 it’s the Podware folder) from the flash drive or cloud drive to the C drive of your new computer (say yes to replace files)
5. Open Podware using your desktop shortcut

Now Link the Tables

  1. Go to the top menu bar
  2. Click Podware Settings
  3. Click connect to Data on Server
  4. If asked “Do you want to reconnect Podware tables?” Yes
  5. If asked “Do you want to specify a different location” click ‘Yes
  6. If asked if the file is passworded say “yes”and use the password we’ve sent in an email
  7. A browser will appear. Go to Local Disk (C:)  > Podware4 *  (For Podware5 or 6 navigate to the Podware folder)
  8. Select the Tables file (Tables5 or Tables6 depending on your version)
  9. Click ‘Open‘.or ‘Save‘ depending on what shows in the dialog box

Podware will link the tables and open either the Main Menu or the Patients records screen.

* if you are using Podware on a network then at step 7 use the browser to navigate via your network to the Podware folder on your main computer or server. For Podware5 navigate to the Podware folder and choose “Tables5”