Podware Anywhere

Access your patient records anywhere in the world.

System Requirements

First month free

  • Podware Anywhere can be used on Windows (PC, Tablet, Laptop)  or MAC with Parallels.
  • Install the app on as many Windows computers as you like
  • No contract *
  • Data is in the cloud (MS Azure SQL)
  • Simple monthly subscription:
    • 1 clinician £17.99
    • 2 clinicians £23.99
    • 3 to 5 Clinicians £29.99
    • 6 to 10 Clinicians £35.99

To get Podware Anywhere select the number of clinician logins you need below, then click the subscribe button. Non-clinical users e.g. receptionists’ logins are free.

*requires 30 days notice to cancel

Choose Number of Clinicians

What’s the difference between Podware and Podware Anywhere?

What Should I get: Podware or Podware Anywhere?

Access your Podware records anywhere in the world

  • Install on Windows computer, laptop or tablet – can be used on a MAC with Parallels and Windows
  • New versions, support and updates are all included in the monthly subscription
  • Support is included
  • Backups are done for you

To pay by standing order or internet banking please contact us

Can I upgrade from Podware to Podware Anywhere?


Please note that the following descriptions were accurate a the time of publishing and may vary depending on the exact version that you are using:

Patient Records, treatments and assessments
Fees & Finance
Email Invoices
Text message reminders of appointments (requires Esendex.co.uk account with PAYG or monthly subscription)
Appointments diary
Biomechanics & Orthotics
Minor Surgery
Diabetic Foot Screening
Recall System
Audit Trail
Letters and referrals

Patient Records

  • Find patient records easily – no more thumbing through record cards.
  • Create edit or delete patient records.
  • Demographic Details; record the patients name, address GP and contact details along with medical history and other essential information.
  • Treatments: record examination and treatment details, letters and reports can then be added to the record every time a treatment is carried out
  • Letters: Use the Letters options to send your patient recall letters, overdue payment reminders and to write and save your appointment and referral etters. All with the practice letterhead automatically inserted.
  • Images and Document Attachments: Attach digital photos of patient foot conditions, word documents, any office files and scans of correspondence from any source to give a complete electronic patient record
  • Primary Assessment:Including Vascular, Neuropathic and Orthopaedic details
  • Email reports and letters to the patient or the GP
  • Mobility: Podware Anywhere can be used on a windows computer in any location where there is an internet connection
  • Fast and accurate patient address entry: the Patient Demographics section is compatible with Postcode Recognition Software. Top of Page

Fees & Finance

  • Income and expenditure
  • Data from Podiatry Software can be easily exported to Accounting software (eg MYOB or Sage), Word and Excel
  • A click of the mouse lets you see where your core business lies. Have you ever asked yourself ‘How much of my practice income comes from Biomechanics and Orthotics, how much from routine treatment?’ It’s all done in a few seconds.
  • Manage your fee structure
  • Record your fees taken
  • Print invoices and receipts
  • Identify outstanding accounts and overdue balances; one click to view a patient’s record, two clicks to send reminder letters
  • View total fees taken for a given week, month or year
  • List the total practice income for each type of treatment, for any week, month, or day
  • The Fees Module is available in all currencies including £ Pounds, $ Dollars or €uros format.

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  • Arrange patient appointments easily with a couple of mouse clicks
  • Up to three appointment diaries
  • Appointment details appear automatically on an appointment letter or note for printing
  • Double click the patient appointment details to view the patient record
  • View your day’s appointments on screen or print out a list
  • Multiple appointment diaries are available Top of Page


  • Gait Analysis
  • Lower limb biomechanical examination
  • Automatically calculates STJ neutral from ROM measurements
  • Orthotics prescription and review
  • Record all details required by national guidelines i.e. Date Initiated, Fitting Date, review date, 6 month review
  • Instant recall letters for patients who have had orthotics for more than a year Top of Page

Minor Surgery

  • Assessment and medical histroy
  • Details of local anesthetic
  • Procedure details
  • Patient pre and post op information leaflets
  • Printable post op reports (for GP etc) Top of Page


  • No more tedious typing!
  • This innovative system uses single mouse clicks to enter standard words, phrases and abbreviations into the patient record. E.g. phrases like ‘all areas pre and post op hibitane’ can be entered with one click
  • Text can also be typed in if ‘Autorecord’ doesn’t have the phrase or word you need
  • Customize Autorecord with your own text and phrases Top of Page


  • Screening tool conforms to NICE and SIGN guidelines
  • All patients with diabetes are flagged up on the front of the patient record
  • The diabetes recall system uses the last screening date to calculate how long it has been since the patient’s annual screening, then shows a list of patients due for screening.
  • Appointments for screening can be sent using one mouse click. Top of Page

Letters and referrals

  • Automatically produce letters for referral, patient appointments, recall, diabetic recall and orthotic review.
  • Professional practice letteheads are part of the software and help to give a corporate image to your practice.
  • Letters can also be made to print out on your pre-printed letterheads. Top of Page

Recall System

  • Send letters offering a check up appointment to patients who have not attended for more then a year
  • Offer a review appointment to patients who have had orthotics for more than six months (comply with UK minimum standards on the prescription of orthoses).
  • Patients sometimes don’t want to book appointments in advance but like to be sent a letter reminding them to make an appointment near the time when their feet are due for some attention.
  • Letters are printed and a record of the letter made using just a couple of mouse clicks. Top of Page

Audit Trail

  • All treatment records and letters have an audit trail, based on your Windows user login, so that all changes to a patient record are recorded and can be viewed via a report. Top of Page


  • Small adjustments to the software by us are free (anything that takes us less than half an hour to carry out).
  • For larger customisations tell us what you need and we’ll provide a free quotation. Top of Page


  • E-mail support is free .
  • Telephone support is free for the first 15 minutes of each call, then £5 for each additional 15 minutes or part thereof. Top of Page
  • Free support for Podware Anywhere users