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Need assistance?

If you’ve been speaking with us and need our help online to install, use or fix Podware, then use the AnyDesk application below to allow us remote access to your system. We will connect to your computer and be better placed to resolve your query and save you time.

  1. Click “AnyDesk” below
  2. Save, then open the AnyDesk.exe file (run as administrator)
  3. When AnyDesk opens click the link on AnyDesk to Install Anydesk
  4. Once Installed click the link on AnyDesk to Set a Password for Unattended Access
  5. Send us your AnyDesk address and password
  6. Email us to suggest some times when we can connect to your computer
  7. Make sure that your computer is switched on and connected to the internet, the AnyDesk window is open, your computer Power Options are set to “Always On”, screensaver is off and your laptop is connected to the charger.


Online Support Prices

Help you get set up and started with Podware FREE  contact us
Install Podware for you on your computer FREE!  contact us
Move Podware to another computer £29
Install Podware On your Network (includes installing on more computers) £39
Restore Podware from your backup (disaster recovery) £45
Set up your local network £35

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