System Requirements

Minimum Requirements for Podware:

  • Laptop, PC, Tablet or notebook with Windows  (Win 7,8 or 10)
  • OR MAC with Parallels/Boot Camp + Windows.
  • Microsoft Access 2010 (32bit)* or later -Podware will automatically install the runtime version if you don’t have it already or you can download Microsoft Access Runtime here 
  • Processor PIII or later, or equivalent
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 185 MB (works best on 64gb SSD storage or more)
  • System Memory 1Gb or more
* Microsoft Access 32bit works on 64bit versions of Windows – don’t install 64bit versions of Office (and Access) if you want to run Podware. Microsoft recommends 32 bit Office versions on Windows 64 0r 32 bit.

 Podware Anywhere:

Needs the same as Podware,  plus a good internet connection of 2mb or more download speed and at least 0.4mb upload speed.