System Requirements

Minimum Requirements for Podware:

  • Laptop, PC, Tablet or notebook with Windows  (Win 7,8 or 10 Home or Pro)
  • OR MAC with Parallels/Boot Camp + Windows.
  • Microsoft Access 2013 (32bit)* or later -Podware will automatically install the free runtime version if you don’t have it already or you can download Microsoft Access Runtime here 
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 185 MB (works best on 64gb SSD storage or more)
  • System Memory (RAM)1Gb or more
* Microsoft Access 32bit works on 64bit versions of Windows – don’t install 64bit versions of Office (and Access) if you want to run Podware. Microsoft recommends 32 bit Office versions on Windows 64 0r 32 bit.

NB – If you have a trial version of Office that you are not going to use then please remove it because inactivated versions of MS Access (part of Office) will make Podware “Read Only” and it wont work properly. Otherwise make sure your version of Office is activated before installing Podware or Podware anywhere.

 Podware Anywhere:

Needs the same as Podware,  plus a good internet connection of 2mb or more download speed and at least 0.5mb upload speed.